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Please fill this form out completely if you would like the Seattle University athletics department to donate tickets and/or memorabilia to your organization. In accordance with NCAA Bylaws 12.5 (Promotional Activities) and 13.16.4 (Pre-College Expenses), this form, when completed and signed by the promotional agency and approved by the Athletics Compliance Office at Seattle University, allows Seattle University to provide autographed memorabilia for institutional, charitable or other educational events or to provide tickets for Seattle U athletics competitions.

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NCAA regulations preclude its members from providing memorabilia for fundraising activities that either directly or indirectly benefit prospects (any student that has started the ninth grade).
Will the funds raised from the event directly or indirectly benefit prospects (any student that has started the ninth grade)? If yes, Seattle U or its representatives may not participate in the event.
If no, explain the use of the funds
Will the event involve students who have started the ninth grade?
Requested Donation
SU Men's Basketball Ticket Certificate (4 tickets)
Set of SU Men's Basketball Season Tickets
SU Women's Basketball Ticket Voucher (4 tickets)
Set of Women's Basketball Season Tickets
Block of 20 tickets to One (1) SU Athletics Event
If other, please describe your request
NOTE: Seattle University is unable to provide memorabilia for autographs. The requester must supply the item. In addition, autographs are signed by coaches only and are not always guaranteed. Submit your request in ample time (4 weeks) to assure your request is completed in time for your event. Not all requests will be granted.
List the event's website. If there is none, please enter "N/A"
By submitting this form, you certify that this memorabilia or these tickets will not be used to benefit any person that is prospect-aged (any student that has started the ninth grade). For questions regarding donations, please contact the Seattle University Athletic Ticket Office by phone at 206-398-GOSU (4678) or