For women’s golfer Dorsey Addicks, timing has been everything.

Coming to Seattle U for golf wasn’t always the plan.

“It all just kind of fell in my lap,” Addicks said. “It was perfect.”

Out of high school, Addicks’ scoring average wasn’t what a lot of Division I schools were looking for, and she admits that she took up the game later than other amateur golfers.

“I was really late in terms of what all my peers were doing,” Addicks said.

Addicks didn’t start playing in competitive junior events until the end of her sophomore year/beginning of her junior year of high school in Atlanta, Ga.

She even opted out of playing for her high school during senior year so she could play junior events instead.

“I just really wanted to get better and I saw myself as potentially having a good game one day,” Addicks said. “That was my way of getting better quicker and trying to get coaches to acknowledge me.”

And that’s what she did, finally catching the attention of Seattle U golf coach Marc Chandonnet.

Born and raised in Atlanta, Addicks and her family moved to Montana after she graduated from high school. From there, she said she probably would have been going to a DII in Colorado.

But, good timing intervened.

At a tournament in Idaho, Addicks said she received an e-mail from Chandonnet letting her know he was going to come watch her play. Sure enough, he showed up, and liked what he saw enough to invite her and her family to Seattle.

Driving back to Montana from Idaho, the flight to Seattle had been booked. The next day, Addicks left for Seattle, a city she had only been to once before during a backpacking trip.

There, she committed to play for Seattle U, and then flew back home. A whirlwind of life-changing events.

“So it was in like five days I had committed to Seattle U,” Addicks said. “I had never heard of the school, didn’t even know it existed, but it was what I wanted. I would’ve loved to go to a big program, but I wasn’t ready for a big program.”

Chandonnet took a chance on her. Addicks was both the quickest and the latest signing he has ever had.

He saw in Addicks someone who could eventually be a great player on the team, and right out of the gate she would be able to travel with the team.

“It was just a boost of confidence that came from signing a piece of paper,” Addicks said.

A piece of paper.

That National Letter of Intent (NLI) gave Addicks a kick that carried her through the rest of the summer. After she committed to Seattle U, she won three tournaments in a row.

Addicks thinks Chandonnet saw more than her scoring average, and is happy she has been able to live up to the potential he saw early on.

“It’s crazy how far I’ve come in the four years and how much Coach has been able to help me grow as a golfer,” Addicks said. “If I had gone to a bigger program I wouldn’t have travelled and I wouldn’t have gotten better as quickly as I have. I’m pretty fortunate that I came into a program that allowed me to travel right away.”

In four years, Addicks has only missed four events. Her dedication to the team and ability to grow as a player have allowed her to showcase her passion for the sport she loves.

“I’ve always been someone who hits the ball far, and in golf we’re all striving for that perfection that will never be attainable,” Addicks said.

Addicks has been successful at Seattle U.

After her freshman year, Addicks qualified for the U.S. Amateur. Last year, she finished second at the Western Athletic Conference (WAC) Championships, and finished First Team All-WAC.

“That was pretty special,” Addicks said. “All my hard work started to come together and just being in the position to potentially win conference as a junior was pretty awesome.”

Always driven to succeed, Addicks describes herself as goal-oriented.

She sets goals for herself and becomes focused on working toward attaining them. It’s what keeps her working hard. She highly values her priorities, which are golf, school, and sleep, and if it’s not a priority for her, she just won’t do it.

“I work very hard for my grades, and it’s not easy,” Addicks said. “I’ve been determined.”

That determination paid off last year when she was honored as an Academic All-American, which in golf is a 3.5 GPA and above.

Golf has helped Addicks with school while in college.

She admits that when golf is in season, she feels like she needs to be more on top of her life because there’s more going on, which means she has to be more on top of school.

It’s a great getaway for her. An escape from the busy life of a student-athlete.

Funny how her escape is part of what makes her so busy.

“You can get away from all that stress for four hours and just go play golf, so for me, it’s a stress-reliever,” Addicks said. “It’s a way to free your mind and get away from school for a while and then come back and get working.”

Addicks has loved her time at Seattle U, and is proud to represent the University on and off the course. She knows that her attitude reflects back on the program, and wants to make sure she spreads a positive word about it because, she predicted, in 10 years Seattle U golf will “be on the map.”

“I see the program doing really well in the future, and I’m happy to be one of the first ones to be able to develop it and experience the first team win and experience all the firsts we’ve had because you don’t get that at a lot of schools,” Addicks said. “Just being able to be a part of that and see the progress has really been fun. We came into a really young program but we’ve been able to develop it into a better program. We’re leaving it better off.”

Addicks wants to be remembered for everything the sport taught her while at Seattle U, including being a good teammate and player.

“I want to be remembered as a great teammate but also a really great competitor,” Addicks said. “Just be remembered as a great teammate and leader who helped bring us into the program’s firsts.”

In the fall, Addicks plans to go to Qualifying School to get her LPGA card and try her hand at professional golf.

“The potential is unlimited if you work hard enough,” Addicks said. “I think it’s cool that I went to Seattle U and potentially one day I’ll be playing on the LPGA Tour and representing the school and potentially helping Coach recruit other females to the program, so I look forward to it. It’s a fun adventure.”