By: Carley Butcher and Elle Kerfoot

Back in September of 2008, moving to the U.S was a BIG deal for us foreigners when we left home at the young age of 17. Interestingly enough we are only two hours away from our homeland give or take ten minutes (depending on how long the border line up is that day and if Elle has her paperwork signed correctly, which is a rare occasion). To some Americans we may be identified as "different" because of our seemingly large language barrier. For example we add "eh?" on the end of sentences, we refer to the restroom as the washroom, and there are many little pronunciation errors here and there.

Based on our personalities, we like to think of ourselves as twins of different shades and height. People call us inseparable, but really it's because we seem to always be at basketball together which we can't control. But we also have the same class schedule... and major... oh yeah, and we've lived together for three years. Alright, maybe all of these factors contribute to why we are always together.

As far as basketball goes this has been an exciting year for us because we are back playing together. For those of you who don't know Carley suffered back to back ACL injuries in our first two years at Seattle U, and Elle missed the first 11 games last season. Coincidently these were the only 11 games that Carley played in last season. What are the chances? Well, we didn't think the other teams could handle playing against two Canadians so we split the season. This season has also been fun because we have the opportunity to play against eight of our fellow Canadian hoopers.

Although we mentioned little differences between us and Americans above, in the end we all put our pants on the same way. Of course we still get teased day to day from friends, teammates, coaches and even the odd stranger for being Canadian, but we still take great pride in our country. We give Americans credit for being very patriotic however, we one upped most people by getting matching maple leaf tattoos during the 2010 Olympics in Vancouver. Beat that! (Just like Canada beat the U.S in the gold medal hockey game... oops.) We could not be any happier that the Connolly Center has been blessed with a stunningly beautiful Canadian flag that hangs right beside that other flag.

All-in-all our experience at Seattle U has been amazing. We love the people, the school, the city, the fans, and even the teasing we get, because we kind of like the attention. It has been real, until next time... OH CANADA!

-The Canadians (Elle Kerfoot and Carley Butcher)


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