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Below are links to all of the forms you may need for the 2017-2018 school year.


Student-Athlete Employment
Student-Athlete Employment - Fee for Lesson
Student-Athlete Employment - Camps & Clinics


During the Academic Year
May 1 Exception - Volleyball and Soccer
Other Exceptions
Summer Basketball League
Summer Competition - all other sports

During the academic year (start of practice or first day of classes, whichever occurs first, to last day of final exams or last day of competition, whichever occurs last), student-athletes are prohibited from participating on an outside (non-Seattle) varsity team in competition. Participation on an outside team (representing something/someone other than Seattle University) during the academic year will result in loss of eligibility for the remainder of that academic year and the following year. Each sport has separate rules regarding outside competition, both during a playing season, the academic year, and/or the summer. All those who wish to participate in outside competition MUST first be cleared in writing by the compliance officer prior to the start of competition.

There are a number of exceptions to this prohibition (Olympic Games, National Team tryouts, etc.). If you believe that your circumstance may be one of these exceptions, please consult with your coach and the University compliance office. Do not participate in any competition without consulting with compliance first. Your eligibility is at stake!


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