SEATTLE – With an emphasis on bolstering the strength of his pitching staff, Seattle University Head Coach Donny Harrel announced the signing of five players who will make their first appearances Redhawks in the spring of 2020.

“This is an exciting class from a pure makeup stand point," said Harrel. "All of these young men are very motivated with high ceilings. Each one will come in and compete right away for innings.”

LHP, Peter Chronowski, 6-2, 200 lbs, Heritage HS, Littleton, Colo.

Peter Chronowski

“We dipped into Colorado to find Peter. He is a good one who will be able to help us right away, especially getting left-handed hitters out. He has a solid base with a high ceiling. He has made some big jumps in the past year and we are excited to see those continue to build.” Coach Goetz

“Peter made a big impression on me when he came to campus. He is very mature for his age and has big goals for his career on and off the field. We will look for Peter to use his maturity and mindset to compete for us right away.” Coach Harrel

LHP, Alex McBee, 6-1, 195 lbs, Tacoma CC, Tacoma, Wash.

Alex McBee

“Alex projects into a rotation guy for us right away. He will come to Seattle U with two years of starting pitching experience at the collegiate level. He is an exciting LHP that is on some pro draft boards already. With the ability to run his fastball up in the low 90’s, I see Alex being another big lefty with professional baseball coming after his time at SU.” Coach Goetz

“Alex works under the direction of TCC Pitching Coach Andrew Olson. Andrew pitched for us here at SU and had one of the toughest mentalities I have ever coach. Andrew feels Alex is just as strong mentally – so enough said from one of our past warriors. Alex can be a rotation guy right away since he is older and has three pitches to do so.” Coach Harrel

LHP, Luke Tedrick, 6-2, 190 lbs, Edmonds CC, Edmonds, Wash.

Luke Tedrick

“Luke is a fun one to watch. This kid knows how to pitch and has proven to get collegiate hitters out for the past two years. He has the ability to sink the ball which is rare for left handed pitchers. He features a three-pitch mix and is unbelievable at controlling the running game. Luke can come out of the pen or run out to start games.” Coach Goetz

“I love when my pitching coach comes to me and says 'This guy get outs!'” Luke has had great success at Edmonds CC, where skipper Scott Kelly does a tremendous job with the pitching. We currently have Triton Will Smith who played with Tedrick and trusting teammates is a big thing in our program.” Coach Harrel

SS/RHP, Mason Hoover, 6-2, 190 lbs, Pierce College, Puyallup, Wash.

Mason Hoover

“Mason is a great addition to our team because of his ability to be a true two-way player. He is a great athlete who can move around the infield and play wherever needed. He will also get up on the bump and run it up to the low and mid 90’s. He already has a good friend on the team in Max Cuenca and a former coach in Wes Long.”

“We tried to sign Mason this past summer for this year, but he wanted to honor his commitment at Pierce. That says a lot about the young man in itself. I feel Mason has a high ceiling since he is such a good athlete. He projects for us to be a two-way guy to start with big arm strength and a good instincts on the diamond.” Coach Harrel

RHP, Kohl Petersen, 6-3, 200 lbs, Roosevelt HS, Seattle, Wash.

Kohl Petersen

“Kohl is an exciting and very projectable RHP who will pitch in this game for a long time. He has the frame and abilities pro scouts look for. Being an area code participant, he proved to get out some of the best hitters in his class. With consistent work this kid can go a long way.” Coach Goetz

“Kohl can pitch in this game for a long time as he continues to master his craft – especially with the sink in his fastball. Although he will be set back a little from a knee injury which occurred in basketball. The future of this young man is very, very bright.” Coach Harrel