SEATTLE - (Oct. 26) Seattle U Athletics sat down with Jacques Hebert ahead of the 2017 Western Athletic Conference Championships. Hebert is a senior from Honolulu, Hawaii where he attended Punahou School. Hebert was Second Team All-WAC in 2016 and ran an 8K time of 25:48.5 at the WAC Championships. On Sept. 30, Hebert ran an 8k time of 25:23.4 at the Willamette Invitational. Hebert holds a 1500 personal best of 3:49.91, second-best in Seattle U history.

Where are you from?
I was born in Portland Oregon, but after Elementary school my family and I moved to Kaneohe Hawaii located on the eastside of the island of Oahu.

What attracted you initially to running?
I started running when I was in elementary school when a couple of my friends and my friend’s dad, Steve Styring, started a running club out of Newberg Oregon. Back then I used to run everything from the 100m all the way up the 1500m and I even tried my luck with Javelin, High Jump, and Long Jump. After a year of trying my luck in all of the events, I realized that my potential was in distance running.

What is your preferred distance?
I’ve ran more 1500’s in my running career, but I would like to call myself a miler. When indoor track season rolls around that is my full focus and hopefully one day I will be able to break the 4-minute mile barrier.

What is your favorite part of running in Seattle?
Running in Seattle is interesting. There is a whole lot of concrete with scattered parks here and there which make for a sweet relief from the hard surfaces. Running through the streets of Capitol Hill with a few of my boys on the team while striking up some enjoyable conversation never fails to put a smile on the face.

What is your favorite thing to do in Seattle?
Seattle has always had a great music scene and I always find myself going to a handful of concerts each year, but when I’m really looking for a good time I like to get out of city and backpack through some of the amazing forests and mountains that Washington has to offer.

What is your favorite type of music?
Definitely hip-hop and rap. When I need something to pump me up before a race or a hard workout I will almost always be getting down to some Travis Scott, 2 Chainz, Gucci Mane, Migos… the list goes on.

What is your favorite type of food?
When I need something to just satisfy the soul I hit up Ezell’s or Nates wings and Waffles for some classic soul food.

Pick one: 100 degrees or 40 degrees.
100 degrees. After living in Hawaii for a good portion of my life I am no longer a fan of the cold.

What is your best memory as a Redhawk?
It would have to be sophomore year when I traveled to my first WAC Outdoor Conference Championship. I had missed the chance to go freshman year, so I really wanted the chance to prove myself. I was entered in the 1500m which had always been my event since I started running, so I had a good idea of what I was getting into. My coach at the time told me to go out conservatively since I was running with guys who had ran faster times than me. When the gun went off I forgot everything that my coach told me and I just ran my race. I put myself right behind the leader and waited for the last 200m to put down my kick and after 3 minutes and 55 seconds from the starting gun going off I was a WAC Champion.

What was your favorite show growing up?
Growing up I watched a lot of the Simpsons. It was one of those shows that the whole family could enjoy while eating a big bowl of popcorn.

What is your hidden talent?
I actually started playing the violin before I started running. In high school I made my way into the school’s highest symphony orchestra, but when it came time to go off to college I decided to put down the violin to dedicate more time to school and running.

What was the last concert you saw?
I saw RL Grime at Wamu, which was awesome.

Are you a dog or a cat person?
Dogs without a doubt, cats just aren’t loyal.

What is your favorite sport to watch?
When not watching track and field on that one random channel I will watch NBA Basketball. ESPN, if you’re reading this, we need more track and field coverage!

What is your favorite hobby?
Running, obviously. When not running I enjoy simply getting outdoors to go hiking, biking, and exploring what Washington has to offer.

The cross-country team will head to Las Cruses, N.M. to compete in the WAC Championship on Saturday, Oct. 28. The men's 8K race will start at 8 a.m. P.T. at the New Mexico State University golf course. The race will be held mostly on grass, with some patches of dirt. The NMSU golf course is located just south of the I-10 from the main NMSU campus. Seattle U is ranked fifth in the WAC Pre-Championship Coaches Poll, Utah Valley is number one in the poll after recieving five first place votes.