The Seattle University men's soccer team spent the last week in Spain. Medo Youssef and Julio Rubio write their thoughts on the last leg of the trip.

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Medo Youssef, junior, Eden Prairie, Minn.

March 24

To start the day, I read the book, Rules of a Knight, as recommended by the coaching staff. A very important quote came up as the author says, “Without the black smith, the knight’s sword would splinter into shards. Without a carpenter, a lady’s wagon would collapse. Without a mason, the castle would crumble. Without the seamstress, the King would ride to church naked as a fool. All living things rely on each other.” This got me to think about all the people behind the scene to provide a once in a life time experience for this team. So before writing about my day, I want to thank everyone who made this possible from all the Seattle University staff whom put many hours of work to all the donors who put much of their hard-earned money to make this a memorable experience for us.

After reading the book, the team went on a tour to the Espanyol stadium. The tour was great. We got introduced to a club with rich history and got a more in depth look into club. It was truly inspiring to see how much the fans loved their club and how they supported the club.

The team then traveled for our final game against Cornella Juvenile B. We achieved the result we wanted to end the amazing series of games with another 3-0 win.  After the game we ate in the hotel and got some much needed rest. 

Julio Rubio, sophomore, Goleta, Calif.

March 25

On the final day, we traveled to La Masia in the morning to watch one of Barcelona’s youth teams, Juvenil A, play against Cornella’s youth team. La Masia was outside the city of Barcelona and is the training center for all of Barcelona's teams. It was great to watch the match and Barcelona ended up winning the league that day so they were very excited.  

Later that day, we were dropped off in Las Ramblas, which is right in the city and were there a lot of shops and the area was packed with people. The weather was great and we were able to walk around until 6 p.m., we then all gathered on the bus and headed back to the hotel to relax. At 9 p.m., we walked to a restaurant on the beach to have our farewell dinner. An amazing trip topped off with an amazing dinner. We were all very grateful for the opportunity to go abroad, experience a different culture and play soccer.