SEATTLE – (March 7) Seattle U students, including many student-athletes, participated in the Seattle University Dance Marathon (SUDM) this year.

SUDM is a student-led organization that benefits Seattle Children’s Hospital’s Strong Against Cancer Research Initiative and Uncompensated Care Fund.

This year, SUDM surpassed their goal of $125k (in honor of Seattle U’s 125th anniversary), raising $148,210 for the cause.

The event itself took place from Feb. 18 at 10 a.m. to Feb. 19 at 2 a.m.

In their fourth year participating as a team, women’s rowing raised $5,171 and danced the entire 16 hours. In four years, women’s rowing has raised almost $22,000 for the cause.

“We participate in the SUDM every year for a lot of reasons,” head coach Jenny Park said. “It’s a great cause, and a really great bonding experience for the team, especially because it’s just a few weeks before our racing season starts. I think it is one way our team as a whole can make a difference. It’s just this one day where the team, as individuals and collectively, gets to think about more than just how busy and crazy their lives are as student-athletes. It’s a cool thing to see them realize how lucky they have it. I am very proud to see that this has become a tradition the team truly wants to be a part of and looks forward to the experience.”

Redhawk student-athletes raised another $4,345.

Freshman rower Anna Kirkpatrick was a leader of the event.

“I was a Morale Captain for Dance Marathon this year, so I got the unique privilege of a more involved role in the journey to raising over $148,000 for Seattle Children's Hospital,” Kirkpatrick said. “I became part of SUDM because Seattle Children's saved my cousin's life and I am forever grateful to their staff. Because of that, seeing my team, and all of the participants come together to achieve this goal was incredibly special. I send a heartfelt thanks to everyone who donated or participated - we couldn't have done it without you!”

Kelly Hunt of the women’s golf team, Abigail Bouck of the women’s soccer team, and several volleyball student-athletes were other participants.

During Redhawk Hour, 50 student-athletes, the dance team, the Redline and band, and Rudy contributed to the event. There, Director of Athletics Shaney Fink presented a check for over $11,000.

In Spring 2016, the Student-Athlete Advisory Committee (SAAC) ran a dodgeball tournament that raised another $300 toward this year’s goal.

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