of the Seattle University

Student-Athlete Advisory Council




The Seattle University Student-Athlete Advisory Council was formed for the purpose of:


  1. To streamline and promote efficient communication between administration and the student-athletes to better serve their needs.


  1. To provide the student-athlete population with an opportunity to more effectively communicate with the administration and offer suggestions on programs designed to serve those needs.


  1. To encourage more involvement of the student-athletes in campus and community projects.


  1. To design and provide programs which will encourage academic achievement, health promotion, social responsibility and general awareness.


  1. To promote better communication between teams.




The council will be composed of two varsity student-athletes from each sport team.  Each team must also have an alternate representative selected to attend meetings if their representative cannot attend.  Each team has one vote before council.




Council representatives are appointed by their respective coaches based on team members’ recommendations.  Each representative is expected to serve a one year term and may be reelected.  Team representatives should be selected in the spring semester for the upcoming year.  Any varsity student-athlete is eligible.




  1. Attend all council meetings.
  2. If unable to attend a meeting, arrange for the alternate to attend.
  3. Represent team’s views in the meeting.  Keep the team apprised of current council issues and communicate the teams’ views back to the council.
  4. Encourage team members to assist with any projects deemed significant by the council.




At the last meeting in the spring, the council will assign the following positions, except for Athletics Representative:


  1. President – Chairs all meetings and is the official contact for the council.
  2. Vice-President – Assumes President responsibilities when needed.  Arranges all special events or projects.
  3. Secretary – Records all minutes and types and distributes.
  4. ASSU Athletics Representative – Relays information from student government to SAAC and vice versa.  Puts forth student-athlete voice to student body. The Athletics Representative is elected by the student body.
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