Be Remembered

The Be Remembered series tells the stories of Seattle U senior student-athletes as they reflect on their time as Redhawks.

Men's Cross Country

Nate McLaughlin 

Women's Cross Country

Rebecca Lassere 

Men's Soccer

Kyle Bjornethun 


Iris Ivanis

Men's Swimming

Alec Barnard 

Women's Swimming

Kristin Hoffman 

Men's Basketball

 Be Remembered Chibuogwu 

Women's Basketball

 Be Remembered Afunugo


 Be Remembered Andreychuk 


 Be Remembered Gonzales 

Men's Track & Field

 Be Remembered Flannery 

Women's Track & Field

 Be Remembered Dasalla

Men's Tennis

 Be Remembered Stormans

Women's Tennis

 Barbara Carey

Men's Golf

 Be Remembered Kukula

Women's Golf

Be Remembered Addicks 

Women's Rowing

 Be Remembered Ricci