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Compliance Academic Support
Game Operations Athletics Communications
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Name, Position Phone Email
University Administration   Return To Top
Fr. Stephen Sundborg, S.J., University President
Tim Leary, Executive Vice President
Isiaah Crawford, University Provost
David Arnesen, Faculty Athletics Representative
Athletic Administration   Return To Top
Bill Hogan, Director of Athletics (206)296-5451
Roxanne Levenson, Associate Athletic Director for Internal Affairs/SWA (206) 296-6401
Eric Guerra, Associate Athletic Director for Identity and Performance (206)296-6027
Ken Winstead, Associate Athletic Director/Senior Fundraiser (206) 296-2598
Shawn Farrell, Associate Athletic Director for Administration (206) 296-2346
Erin Engelhardt, Assistant Athletic Director for Student-Athlete Support (206) 296-5603
Jo Anne Hume, Assistant Athletic Director for Corporate Partnerships (206) 220-8579
Mai Nguyen, Director of Athletics Finance (206) 220-8582
Libby Johnson, Coordinator of Tickets and Fan Development (206) 296-2835
John Dougherty, Athletic Development Officer (206)296-2829
Blake McMahon, Administrative Assistant (206) 296-6400
Janessa Oppegard, Travel Coordinator/Administrative Assistant 206-220-8581
Compliance   Return To Top
Chelsea Herman, Compliance Coordinator (206) 220-8527
Academic Support   Return To Top
JoAnn Hulbert-Eagan, Academic Performance Coordinator
Andy Patton, Graduate Assistant For Student-Athlete Support
Valerie Stahl, Graduate Assistant For Student-Athlete Support
Game Operations   Return To Top
Rebekah Ray, Coordinator of Game Operations (206) 296-5916
Athletics Communications   Return To Top
Jason Behenna, Athletics Communications Director (Contact for MBB, VOL, BASE, SWIM, XC, T&F, GOLF) (206)296-5915
Mollie Hanke, Assistant Director of Athletics Communications (Contact for WBB, MSOC, WSOC, MTEN, WTEN, SOFT, WROW) (206) 296-2490
Sports Medicine   Return To Top
Matthew Bussman, Head Athletic Trainer (206) 296-5432
Caroline Durocher, Assistant Athletic Trainer (206) 296-5452
Amanda Pruden, Assistant Athletic Trainer (206) 220-8215
Adriana Logan, Graduate Assistant for Sports Medicine
Strength and Conditioning   Return To Top
Alex Keough, Coordinator of Strength & Conditioning 206-296-2337
Wesley Phillips, Coordinator of Strength & Conditioning 206-220-8298
Isaiah Gonzales, Graduate Assistant for Strength & Conditioning
Baseball   Return To Top
Donny Harrel, Head Coach (206) 398-4399
Mike Nadeau, Assistant Coach
Elliott Cribby, Pitching Coach (206) 398-4396
Jeff James, Volunteer Coach (206) 491-2118
Cody Ryckman, Director of Baseball Operations (206) 765-6369
Cheer and Dance   Return To Top
Travis Millspaugh, Cheerleading Head Coach (206) 384-6159
M. Basketball   Return To Top
Cameron Dollar, Head Coach (206) 296-5872
Lance LaVetter, Assistant Coach
Mike Nowell, Assistant Coach (206) 398-4597
Darren Talley, Assistant Coach (206)296-6420
Mike Jones, Director of Men's Basketball Operations (206) 398-4415
W. Basketball   Return To Top
Joan Bonvicini, Head Coach (206) 296-6406
Kristen O'Neill, Associate Head Coach (206) 296-2641
Vivian Frieson, Assistant Coach
Derek Liebert, Assistant Coach (206) 296-5483
Eliot Mar, Coordinator of Women's Basketball Operations
Cross Country   Return To Top
Trisha Steidl, Head Coach (206) 296-5772
Uli Steidl, Assistant Coach (206) 220-8401
M. Golf   Return To Top
Marc Chandonnet, Head Coach (206) 220-8511
Ann Swanson, Assistant Coach
W. Golf   Return To Top
Marc Chandonnet, Head Coach (206) 220-8511
Ann Swanson, Assistant Coach
W. Rowing   Return To Top
Jenny Park, Head Coach (206) 220-8239
Liana Demaris, Assistant Coach
Katie Holtvogt, Assistant Coach
Christian Youngs, Assistant Coach
M. Soccer   Return To Top
Pete Fewing, Head Coach (206) 296-5498
Nate Daligcon, Associate Head Coach (206) 296-2358
Jeff Koch, Assistant Coach
Bill Colello, Volunteer Assistant Coach
W. Soccer   Return To Top
Julie Woodward, Head Coach (206) 296-5482
Rich Schreiner, Associate Head Coach (206) 296-6964
Scott Newman, Volunteer Goalkeeper Coach
Allison Tenney, Assistant Coach
Carlee Norquist, Director of Operations
Heather Thomas, Director of Marketing & Media Assistant/Director of Camps
Softball   Return To Top
Dan Powers, Head Coach (206) 296-5905
Brandi Gordon, Assistant Coach
Liza Teichler, Volunteer Coach
W. Swimming   Return To Top
Craig Nisgor, Head Coach (206) 296-6402
Katherine Kubancik, Assistant Coach (206) 296-6423
M. Swimming   Return To Top
Craig Nisgor, Head Coach (206) 296-6402
Katherine Kubancik, Assistant Coach (206) 296-6423
M. Tennis   Return To Top
Mark Frisby, Head Coach
Mark Hooper, Assistant Coach
W. Tennis   Return To Top
Mark Frisby, Head Coach
Mark Hooper, Assistant Coach
Track and Field   Return To Top
Trisha Steidl, Head Coach (206) 296-5772
Chad Pharis, Assistant Coach - Sprints/Jumps/Javelin (206) 296-2356
Uli Steidl, Assistant Coach - Distance (206) 220-8401
Daniel Sullivan, Assistant Coach - Sprints
Volleyball   Return To Top
James Finley, Head Coach (206) 296-6426
Nick Petrovic, Associate Head Coach
Sherisa Livingston, Assistant Coach
Adam Frank, Assistant Coach (Volunteer)
Charlie Andrade, Video Coordinator
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