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Coaches 2011-12 Season Athletics Directory
University Administration
Stephen Sundborg, S.J. University President
Tim Leary Executive Vice President
Sarah Bee Faculty Athletics Representative (206) 296-5788 eMail Sarah Bee
Athletic Administration
Bill Hogan Director of Athletics (206) 296-5451 eMail Bill Hogan
Mike Hermann Associate Athletic Director for External Affairs (206) 296-2598 eMail Mike Hermann
Eric Guerra Associate Athletic Director for Facilities and Performance (206) 296-6027 eMail Eric Guerra
Shawn Farrell Associate Athletic Director for Administration (206) 296-2346 eMail Shawn Farrell
Erin Engelhardt Assistant Athletic Director for Student-Athlete Support (206) 296-5603 eMail Erin Engelhardt
Amy Burdick Coordinator of Tickets and Fan Development (206) 296-2835 eMail Amy Burdick
John Dougherty Athletic Development Officer (206) 296-2829 eMail John Dougherty
Greg Sempadian Athletic Event Support and Donor Services Coordinator (206) 398-4420 eMail Greg Sempadian
Amy Mikulsky Administrative Assistant (206) 296-6400 eMail Amy Mikulsky
Janessa Oppegard Travel Coordinator/Administrative Assistant (206) 220-8581 eMail Janessa Oppegard
Jessica Khoshnood Graduate Assistant for Donor Relations eMail Jessica Khoshnood
Lauren Rochholz Graduate Assistant for Women's Sports & Student Attendance/NCAA Certification (206) 398-4428 eMail Lauren Rochholz
Chelsea Herman Compliance Coordinator (206) 220-8527 eMail Chelsea Herman
Robert Lukevich Graduate Assistant for Compliance eMail Robert Lukevich
Game Operations
Kara Snell Graduate Assistant for Game Management eMail Kara Snell
Sports Medicine
Matthew Bussman Head Athletic Trainer (206) 296-5432 eMail Matthew Bussman
Nick DeJong Graduate Assistant for Sports Medicine (206) 296-5452 eMail Nick DeJong
Rory Ford Graduate Assistant for Sports Medicine (206) 296-5452 eMail Rory Ford
Athletics Communications
Mollie Hanke Athletics Communications Assistant Director (Contact for WBB, MSO, WSO and SFB) (206) 296-2490 eMail Mollie Hanke
Kyle Scholzen Athletics Communications Assistant (Contact for GOLF, TEN) eMail Kyle Scholzen
Strength and Conditioning
Thomas Garcia Coordinator of Strength & Conditioning (206) 296-2337 eMail Thomas Garcia
Alex Keough Strength & Conditioning Intern (206) 296-2337 eMail Alex Keough
JoAnn Hulbert-Eagan Academic Performance Coordinator (206) 296-2365 eMail JoAnn Hulbert-Eagan
Kari Hockett Graduate Assistant For Student-Athlete Support eMail Kari Hockett
Donny Harrel Head Coach (206) 398-4399 eMail Donny Harrel
Casey Powell Assistant Coach (206) 398-4397 eMail Casey Powell
Dave Wainhouse Assistant Coach (206) 398-4396 eMail Dave Wainhouse
Donegal Fergus Volunteer Coach eMail Donegal Fergus
Jeff James Director of Baseball Operations (206) 491-2118 eMail Jeff James
Arlo Evasick Undergraduate Assistant Coach
Josh Kalalau Undergraduate Assistant Coach
M. Basketball
Cameron Dollar Head Coach (206) 296-5872 eMail Cameron Dollar
Donald Dollar Assistant Coach (206) 296-6403 eMail Donald Dollar
Darren Talley Assistant Coach (206) 296-6420 eMail Darren Talley
Mike Jones Director of Men's Basketball Operations (206) 398-4415 eMail Mike Jones
W. Basketball
Caitlin Kimura Director of Operations (206) 296-2631 eMail Caitlin Kimura
Cross Country
Trisha Steidl Head Coach (206) 296-5772 eMail Trisha Steidl
Tim Koepsell Assistant Coach
Uli Steidl Assistant Coach (206) 220-8401 eMail Uli Steidl
M. Soccer
Pete Fewing Head Coach (206) 296-5498 eMail Pete Fewing
Ed Moore Assistant Coach (206) 296-2358 eMail Ed Moore
W. Soccer
Julie Woodward Head Coach (206) 296-5482 eMail Julie Woodward
Rich Schreiner Assistant Coach (206) 296-6964 eMail Rich Schreiner
Allison Tenney Assistant Coach
Dan Powers Head Coach (206) 296-5905 eMail Dan Powers
W. Swimming
Craig Nisgor Head Coach (206) 296-6402 eMail Craig Nisgor
Katherine Kubancik Assistant Coach (206) 296-6423 eMail Katherine Kubancik
Justin Morin Assistant Coach
M. Swimming
Craig Nisgor Head Coach (206) 296-6402 eMail Craig Nisgor
Katherine Kubancik Assistant Coach (206) 296-6423 eMail Katherine Kubancik
Justin Morin Assistant Coach
Joe O'Leary Volunteer Coach
M. Tennis
Mark Frisby Head Coach eMail Mark Frisby
W. Tennis
Mark Frisby Head Coach eMail Mark Frisby
Track and Field
Trisha Steidl Head Coach (206) 296-5772 eMail Trisha Steidl
Chad Pharis Assistant Coach - Sprints/Jumps/Javelin (206) 296-2356 eMail Chad Pharis
Tim Koepsell Assistant Coach - Distance
Uli Steidl Assistant Coach - Distance (206) 220-8401 eMail Uli Steidl
Gianpaolo Licata Assistant Coach - Throws eMail Gianpaolo Licata
Daniel Sullivan Assistant Coach - Sprints
Shannon Ellis Head Coach (206) 296-6426 eMail Shannon Ellis
Teron Uy Assistant Coach (206) 296-6058 eMail Teron Uy

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